Service Units

Digital Rescue 15 Helpline
·     Digital Exchange is installed at 15
·     Emergency response & Feedback system.
·     Rejection of fake calls.
·     Digital Recording of the caller.
·     Clear, efficient & reliable process
·     Mapping of Crime Pockets Through 15 call for better patrolling plan.
·     Automated SMS to callers and concerned Police officers
           ·     Reduced response time from 30 Minutes to 5 to 7 Minutes 

Homicide Investigation Unit

  First step to prevail specialization culture in policing.  

Mounted Police

  Reflection of endless Police traditions.  

Traffic Police

  Service, Courtesy, Excellence.  

Elite Police

  Multan Region is equipped with the Elite Force in all the districts of this Region that is trained to combat all sorts of worst situations. Elite police is highly trained special force expertise with high-risk searches, raids and rescue operations. The officers in the Elite police are trained to a high degree of skill in use of firearms, personal combat, and reconnaissance missions. They are trained at a modern facility, the Elite Training School on Baidian Road Lahore. The Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Elite Police heads the force.  

Anti Car Lifting Teams

  Multan Region has taken an appreciable initiative to establish Anti Car Lifting Team in all the Districts of this Region to overcome the theft of vehicles. Anti-Car Lifting teams are responsible to combat crimes related to vehicle theft in their respective districts.  

Counter Terrorism Department (CTD)

  In 1995, the Criminal Investigation Department was formally created and it operates under the CID Manual, 1937. Starting as a small operational unit, it has now developed into a department having its regional offices all over the Punjab. On 21-07-2010, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) was named as Counter Terrorism Department (CTD).  

Punjab Highway Patrol

  The main aim to make this force is to safe highways and to change the image of police in people which is becoming monster. PHP Posts were constructed on highways of Province of Punjab. These posts got operationalized on May, 2005. Well qualified and trained officials have been posted. A free Helpline 1124 was made by PHP.  

Women Center

  An innovative step for prevention of domestic violence and women harassment at workplace.