Community Policing – an Ultimate Solution to make up trust deficit between Public and Police

The involvement of community in law and order and crime prevention miraculously dispel the fears of police from people’s minds and elicit their willing co-operation. The petty issues are dealt through notables. Having been spared of unnecessary burden, police focus on serious criminal cases’ resolution through public co-operation. Police officers are esteemed as guardians and protectors. People trust them and share information with them about any unlawful act. Hence, even complicated cases stand resolved. The result is enviable peace and security.

Jamia Masajid as Community Centers

It is not a new concept but an everlasting source of inspiration as far as Islamic history is concerned. Masjid had been taken as community center since the advent of Islam. Moreover, all pillars of state i.e Shoora, Administration and Judiciary were originated from Masjid.

                  On the other hand, people from all walks of life assemble in Jamia Masajid to offer Jumma Prayer in large number. Masjid reflects the atmosphere of truthfulness and transparency. Masjid is a source of live communication upto the grass root level. Hence, it was taken as pilot project for the launching of community policing in Multan Region and all senior police officers, SDPOs and SHOs throughout the region were directed to address Jumma congregations with certain set of topics which are given below.

  1. Community role in prevention of crime
  2. Theekri Pehra
  3. Establishment of Chaukidara System
  4. Deployment of private guards at worship places
  5. Verification of servants
  6. Information regarding bad characters in the community
  7. Information about narcotics
  8. Information about POs and their harbourers
  9. Police atrocities if any
  10. Information about Qabza groups
  11. Information about vagabonds standing outside female educational institutions
  12. Aerial firing
  13. One wheeling
  14. Kite Flying
  15. Under age driving
  16. Information about gamblers
  17. Information about any Zulm Ziyadti in the area
  18. Information about rise of specific crime in the area if any
  19. Information about faulty investigation
  20. Information about old enmities and offer of reconciliation with the help of community and notables
  21. Any police achievement/sacrifices rendered in the protection of life, property and honour of citizens

Strategy to Strengthen Community Policing in Multan Region

  1. Follow up of 15 calls and zero non registration of cases in the region for last 3 months
  2. Dedicated vehicles to respond 15 calls
  3. Not a single case of Qabza in Multan Region in last 3 months
  4. Control over tout mafia
  5. Open Katchehries

  1. Engagement of community through schools and colleges

  1. Establishment of community rooms in police stations
  2. Ensuring presence of SDPOs and SHOs for fix hours
  3. Display of cell number of police officers at prominent places
  4. Holding of public convention
  5. District dispute resolution committees
  6. Revival of beat system
  7. Availability of contact numbers of two notables from each village
  8. Whatsapp groups of students and Imam Masajid
  9. Dedicated telephone lines to get information with secrecy of caller
  10. Revamping of driving license branches as one window
  11. Establishment of driving schools at tehsil level
  12. Traffic volunteers
  13. Multan Police FM Radio 88.6

Criminal Record Management System (CRMS)

This system is meant for criminal record management and identification of criminals by using Biometrics, physical appearance and previous crime history. The main features of this system include development of database of digitized finger prints of criminals and identification of their latent and other finger prints through automation. 

The central database of the fingerprints is integrated with all the districts and other field units of Punjab police so that a criminal of one district  can easily be  identified  in another. Furthermore, it is integrated with Tenant Registration System and Hotel Eye, as a result of which tenants and guests of hotels having criminal record can be identified all over Punjab.


Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS)

Punjab police is the only Provincial Department which has successfully entered data of 189,718 non-gazetted and 1053 gazetted officers in the system. The previous manual system has been done away with and the transfer/postings presently are being done through system generated orders. 

Basically the internal Human Resource Management of Punjab police is being done through the system and with one click the total service record of the police officials is available. This system would go a long way in the carrier planning and decision making by the supervisory officers as regards to their subordinates. It is also integrated with Police Station Record Management System and Biometric Attendance System.

Regional Monitoring Room and Control Rooms

A Regional Monitoring Room has been established in the Regional Police Office, Multan and is being supervised by RPO, Multan. All softwares like PSRMS, CRMS, HRMIS, Front Desks, CMS etc. which are under the use of Punjab police are monitored here. I.T. qualified and trained staff has been posted to monitor the progress/status of different systems so that analysis and reports are readily available whenever required on daily basis. 

Similarly Control Rooms have been established at the district levels to monitor the working of subordinate staff on different softwares in their jurisdiction. Regular advisories are issued from Regional Police Office to the field formations for their guidance and operating procedures.

E Learning Computer Lab

Computer lab established with the help of UNODC with 20 Computers

Computer Training of the force

Training on UNODC Modules


Multan Police- FM Radio 88.6

FM Radio 88.6
This is the age of information and communication. Communication gap between Police and Public has always been felt widely. This gap was required to be reduced to ensure confidence building of public to access police without any hesitation, crime control, better law and order situation, create people friendly environment through community policing and highlighting Police Image
Through establishment of Multan Police Radio FM 88.6, Voice of Multan Police has been spread widely to achieve afore stated objectives. Multan Police Radio Provides
  1. Information to the Masses
  2. Awareness about Policing/Traffic
  3.  Police Version to different events and Incidents
  4. Entertainment


Committee Room Police Line Multan

Auditorium Police Line Multan

Firing Range at Police Lines Vehari

Renovation of Police Station Buildings  

Revamping of Muhafiz Squad

Prevention of crime is one the most important duty of the Police. For the better prevention of crime in the urban areas, Mohafiz squad has been revamped in the following lines: -
  1.  Quick Response to any incident
  2. All Mohafiz Squad are Geotagged
  3.  Deterrence/ Visibility of Police
  4. Control over street crime

Driving School

Another excellent step taken by Regional Police Officer, Multan is the establishment of Driving School  in Police Lines Multan. In this Driving School, Masses are educated on the rules and regulation of Driving. A nominal fee is charged which is Rs.3500/-    .The person who gets admission in Driving School and successfully completes the training, is issued driving licence without any further test.
Main Features
a.      Audio/Vedio based Training
b.      Training on Multimedia
c.      Practical Training
d.      Traffic Education
e.      Awareness about Road Discipline and Safety

Digital Driving Licensing System

Establishment of Digital Licensing System
Digital Licensing System has been established in Traffic Block of Police Lines Multan. The main purpose of Digital Licensing System is to serve the public honourably under one roof. Main features of this system are:-
  1. First Come First Serve
  2. Completion of all formalities under one roof
  3. Online Forms completion
  4. Post office Stamps
  5. Medical
  6. Computerised Test System

Police Khidmat Markaz


12 Services under one roof

1.Vehicle Verification
2.Lost Documents Report
3.Police Character Certificate
4.General Police Verification
5.FIR Copy
6.Learner Driving Permit Issuance
7.Driving License Renewal
8.International Driving Permit Issuance
9.Tenants Registration
10.Employee Registration
11.Crime Reporting
12.Legal Aid in Violence against Women in collaboration with Violence against Women Center (VAWC)